Welcome to Coco Wing

Coco Wing is an internationally award-winning artist, international painting event curator, and the global manager of IWS (International Watercolor Society) as well as the president of IWS New Zealand. Growing up in Jiangnan, she was immersed in a rich artistic heritage and developed strong skills in both piano and vocal music.

Coco began learning to paint in primary school and was later admitted to an art academy in China. Seeking to broaden her horizons, she chose to further her studies in New Zealand, where she pursued art and design. This international experience expanded her perspective and enriched her life. During her studies, she signed with a local New Zealand gallery, and many of her oil paintings were collected by local collectors.

Coco has also collaborated with well-known New Zealand pop music singers on music reality shows, written and published songs, and co-founded an international wedding photography studio with her husband. She wore many hats, including director, photographer, and makeup artist, and later transitioned to wedding design.

In 2021, by a twist of fate, Coco Wing returned to painting and began creating watercolour artworks. Her passion for watercolour quickly grew, leading her to win international watercolour awards in Melbourne, Australia, and Japan. She was also recognised as a key member of the IWS, one of the world’s top three watercolour organisations.

Coco has been invited numerous times as a guest or master artist to various watercolour and other art exhibitions, and has served as a judge for many international watercolour competitions. Her paintings are vibrant and diverse, and they have been widely collected by professional musicians, singers, galleries, museums, and private collectors.


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